Hot Starters Recipes For a Dinner Party

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When you are having a dinner party it is likely that you will want to impress your guests. Making the best hot starters recipes is a great way to start your dinner off in style and the best thing about hot starters is that so many of them are so simple to prepare.

Easy starters include bacon-wrapped banana or bacon-wrapped prawns. To make these, you simply fasten a strip of bacon around your chosen filling with a cocktail stick and grill or pan fry them until the bacon is browned.

What about stuffing dates with blue cheese and wrapping them in bacon?

You can make lots of these in about five minutes and they are really tasty.

These are quite plain starter recipes because they only have two ingredients but sometimes it is nice to keep things simple.

Asian Inspired Starter Recipes

Another great idea for sizzling starters is to try something Asian.

Hot crab cakes served with a Thai dipping sauce, juicy Asian meatballs or mini spring rolls are great ideas for starter recipes. You might want to make some chicken satay skewers or even vegetarian satay skewers.

What about serving a chunky, warming soup? The great thing about soup is that it can be prepared ahead and reheated just before serving. A chunky beef soup with udon noodles or a Chinese chicken and sweetcorn soup would be very tasty.

Quick and Easy Hot Starter Recipes

You can serve seafood starter recipes to impress your guests. Pan fried prawns or steamed mussels make brilliant starters and these are not too filling, so they are perfect before any main course. Seafood recipes are much easier than people tend to think.

Choose from mussels, crab, tuna, clams, prawns or anything else that takes your fancy. Fish and seafood goes perfectly before a meat, poultry or fish main course and your guests will love it.

Vol-au-vents are also quick and easy appetizers. You can buy readymade vol-au-vent cases and fill them with a creamy mushroom sauce or a minced beef and onion sauce or anything else you fancy. Vol-au-vents are perfect for autumn or winter starters because they are warming and delicious. These are also nice for buffets.

Whatever kind of dinner party you are arranging there are hundreds of easy starter recipes you can choose from. The best starters are those which are simple to make, although you can choose from classic starters or more exotic ones.

Whether you fancy using meat, fish, poultry or vegetarian ingredients, there are hot easy starters which are suitable for any dinner party and which your guests will very much enjoy.