Fast and Easy Meals Made in Minutes With Alaska Seafood

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Creating fast, healthy meals can be delicious, nutritious and even fun. Getting by on less and feeling independent is a great feeling when a young adult takes off into the world for the first time. The problem is that the nutritious, creative meals and ideas can quickly disintegrate into sugary cereal and packets of instant noodles. Keeping up the motivation to stay away from processed and packaged foods, and veer towards healthy, fresh foods can be tough, but the best way to do it is by choosing genuinely tasty, fast meals.

A great low fat, healthy choice can be seafood! Often fresh-frozen or otherwise packaged for easy cooking, it’s simple and quick to prepare dishes that taste elaborate. A perfect option is Alaska Surimi, which is a seafood product made from Alaska Pollock. The snowy white meat of Pollock is even better when it comes from the icy Alaskan waters, and has great flavor and texture. When packaged as surimi, this seafood variety is ready to go right from the package or pouch. This makes it ideal for students and young professionals that want to throw something on top of a salad, sandwich, into a soup, or into a pasta sauce to get an extra kick of flavor and nutrition. In fact, it can be substituted for the main seafood ingredient in a number of seafood recipes, making its versatility a huge asset.

Not only fast and delicious, Alaska Surimi is also packed with protein, and not just protein but the quality stuff that the body really needs. This seafood product is also a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are great for heart and brain health. Other fast and easy seafood dishes like Alaska canned salmon can also fit great into any quick and easy meal. With vitamin, minerals, and a shelf-life of years, there’s no downside to filling up your pantry or fridge with seafood products like Alaska canned salmon or Alaska Surimi. These great seafood products are available in most grocery stores and supermarkets, and of course fresh seafood markets. For something a little more adventurous, try steaming crab legs, or grilling fresh salmon for a great, fresh, and nutritious meal any time of the year!