3 Recipes Featuring the Best of Alaskan Seafood

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You can’t even go near a nutritionist these days without hearing about the power of Omega 3 fatty acids. The old ‘seafood twice a week’ maxim is also definitely still in play. With all of the information at your disposal, it seems like the signs would point to the decision about your meals being a no-brainer. You have to think seafood, but how do you get it done so your family doesn’t notice the nutrition side? Here are 3 Alaskan seafood recipes to make everyone stand up and cheer when dinner hits the table.

Shrimp fajitas: Nothing will say ‘fun at dinnertime’ quite like this top pick of all the Alaska seafood recipes. It will involve a mere arranging of fresh ingredients to make your dish a success. Grill medium size shrimp. Pay careful attention to the guacamole which is one of the key accompaniments. Sautee green peppers and yellow onions in a light oil and pepper sauce. Warm tortillas so family members can make each ‘wrap’ to their own specifications. It’s a recipe which will be requested again and again.

Penne alla salmon: Salmon doesn’t have to come prepared on a plank or with some other standard presentation. Try serving this Omega 3 rich fish in smaller bites in a pasta with white sauce. You only need to add a touch of cream if you are not big on the dairy factor. Better yet, use olive oil and a bit of garlic. You are almost sneaking a great deal of protein into a typical boring pasta meal when you add some fresh salmon. If you don’t have the time to go fresh, use the packaged options available in the supermarket.

Cod to die for: When thinking about Alaska seafood, you might not immediately think of cod. This species is one of the unsung heroes of the plentiful Alaska stocks. How can you turn what is essentially a mild white fish into a stunning creation for diner? Think of the accompaniment to make it happen. Sautee some rock shrimp and clams in a white wine and olive oil sauce; then place your salt and peppered grilled cod on top. It will officially become one of the ‘to die for’ Alaska seafood recipes at this point.